Thursday, June 30, 2022

Embracing Technology and Finances

Technological Revolution Preparing children for their financial future means teaching them to embrace the ever expanding bridge between technology and finances. There is no way to escape the massive internet revolution that is continuously evolving our interactions with one another. As technology improvements get better and become more convenient it's...

Improving Money Management Skills

Like an athlete running drills during practice to prepare for a game or a doctor working on a cadaver (could you imagine a surgeon practicing on real patients-yikes) before examining real patients; Dollars & Cents University is extremely excited to teach and improve children's money management skills before they handle...

Developing Essential Teamwork Skills

In our desire to teach children skills that they will use throughout their lives, Dollars & Cents University is committed in teaching kids how to work with others as a team. Teamwork is important not only in childhood, but it also plays a vital role in helping them succeed as...

Engaging Community Guest Speakers

At Dollars & Cents University we constantly strive to further emphasize the importance and reality of financial literacy by inviting and encouraging community involvement. One of the ways we do this is by having Guest Speakers attend our workshop to share their real-world experiences with the students. Past Guest Speakers...

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Encouraging children to make financial decisions at an early age allows them to make smarter money management decisions later in life. Our interactive hands-on classes provide a safe positive learning experience that makes understanding finances both simple and fun.

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Lemonade Day Washtenaw County 2019


Learn how to start, own, and operate your own business by building a lemonade stand.