Thanks to the efforts of those involved in the Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Movement of the 1960s-70s plenty of economic opportunities have opened up for women to explore and thrive. Which is why there is no other time period in history where we have more college educated women and women in corporate leadership roles! Unfortunately, despite all of these efforts women (on average) still make less money than their male counterparts.


If you followed this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup Tournament then not only did you view some amazing soccer games but you probably also heard the player’s chants of equal pay. (Check out this high school team’s equal pay protest) According to recent studies women make 80 cents for every 1 dollar that a man makes (this number gets worse when factors like education and race are added to the equation). Sadly, this division in pay equality has lasted so long that protests simply fall on deaf ears. But that may soon change with a new game.

The World of Ms. Monopoly

On September 10, 2019 Hasbro debuted a spinoff to the classic series placing pay equality at its forefront. Ladies and gentlemen welcome Ms. Monopoly! Unlike in the classic Monopoly game were everyone collects $200 when they pass “GO”, Ms. Monopoly gives its female players an extra $40 whenever they pass “GO”. But, that’s not the only difference according to an article published by CNN “instead of buying property players invest in inventions created by women.”

Here’s the million dollar question: will a world in which males receive less money (albeit in a boardgame) provoke society to pay men and women equally? Only time will time….but for now-Ms. Monopoly reminds us who runs the world-girls!