Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum


Have you ever took the time to stop and think about the lives of all the people we consider influencial? Like who was Bill Gates before he was Bill Gates! Or Oprah Winfrey before she was Oprah! Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Tyler Perry, Byron Allen, Elon Musk, Beyoncé...the list goes on and on. Wouldn't it be cool if we could travel back in time and meet these celebrities when they were kids? Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum In 2019 PBS KIDS debuted a new animated series called Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum in which the titular character Xavier, along [...]

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Max and Ruby: Bunny Money


In a previous article we discussed how the show Max and Ruby highlighted youth entrepreneurship. So, it should come as know surprise that there is an episode highlighting financial education. In the episode, "Bunny Money", Ruby and Max head out to the shopping district to purchase a gift for their grandma from Rosalinda's Gift Shop. The gift Ruby has in mind is a music box that when opened shows dancing ballerinas. Unfortunately, a series of unexpected costs derails Ruby's plans. Watch the episode below: https://youtu.be/tw2Ja6Kip_o?t=933 Season 1 Episode 8 (Bunny Cakes, Bunny Party, & Bunny Money) Here are some topics we [...]

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Spend Bill Gates Money


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a billion dollars-or better yet spend a billion dollars? Well, your wait is over! You have an amazing opportunity to spend Bill Gates money! That's right you get a shopping spree spending Bill Gates's money! Bill Gates, the genius behind Microsoft, has amassed an enormous amount of wealth becoming one of the richest people in the world. At the time of this post, he has a current estimated net worth of one hundred ten billion dollars or $110,000,000,000.00 according to businessinsider.com. Whew, that's a lot of money!...and you get to [...]

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Max and Ruby: Inspiring Youth Entrepreneurship


Youth entrepreneurship is something we love supporting (check out our friends at Lemonade Day Washtenaw County) but did you know there are kid shows that show your child's favorite characters as entrepreneurs? One such show is Max and Ruby. https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x5vfqgs Ruby's Lemonade Stand Simki.com In the episode, "Ruby's Lemonade Stand", Ruby with the help of her best friend Louise want to raise money to help pay for their Bunny Scout trip to the zoo. Now, to accomplish this goal they decide to run a lemonade stand. So, using grandma's secret recipe Ruby makes a delicious pitcher of lemonade that she decides [...]

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How Does the Stock Market/Exchange Work?


Okay, let's say you saved up your allowance or birthday money but you don't want to leave it sitting in a piggy bank. What should you do? If you're feeling risky, maybe instead of the traditional savings account you can grow your money using the stock exchange. But wait...what is the stock exchange? What is the Stock Exchange? When it comes to stocks most people will tell you: "Investing [in stocks] is very risky" Unfortunately, that is true. Investing in stocks is very risky. But honestly speaking, all investments carry some level of risk. Luckily, the best way to offset the [...]

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Poor Muffy (Arthur Episode)


Everyone grows up differently. Some people live in huge mansions-others live in apartments. Some people ride public transportation while others drive luxury cars. Regardless of how individuals live we should all treat each other with understanding and respect. No two people embody this mindset than Francine Frensky and her best friend Muffy Crosswire. In the episode "Poor Muffy" (watch below) Muffy, after learning she's allergic to the new carpet in her mansion, asks her parents if she could temporarily stay at her best friend's apartment until the carpet is removed. However, she soon learns that life at the Frensky's is a [...]

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My Dad, the Garbage Man


Career Day was one of the best parts of school. Not only did the class get to learn about a variety of awesome jobs but we got to ask questions to actual local professionals. Although I've always enjoyed career days it never dawned on me that some of my classmates may have dreaded the idea of their parents sharing what they do for a living...like Francine did. My Dad, the Garbage Man There's no doubt that Francine Frensky loves her dad. Unfortunately, after a conversation with her sister, she becomes a little embarrassed by his occupation. See how she copes with [...]

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Odd Squad Episodes Discussing Money and Financial Concepts


"There you are. Something very odd has happened..." From highlighting important steps in problem-solving, teamwork, and math-Odd Squad is a perfect show for both audiences young and old. The show also does a great job of teaching important lessons about money and finances as well.  What is Odd Squad? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show: "Odd Squad is an organization run by kids that investigates anything strange, weird, and especially odd.” A traditional episode begins with Odd Squad agents being assigned a case and proceeding to use various problem solving strategies and the power of math to [...]

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Disney Magic Kingdoms: Build Your Own Magical Park while Learning About Finances


Let's be honest, traditional methods of learning can be pretty boring. Luckily, from the wonderful world of Disney, comes an exciting game that let's your child build their own magical theme park. Featuring a slew of beloved characters Disney Magic Kingdoms is an excellent way to teach your child valuable financial and entrepreneurial lessons. Financial and Entrepreneurial Lessons Although not branded as a financial game Disney Magic Kingdoms is a wonderful exploration of both financial and entrepreneurial applications. Here are some lessons you can discuss with your children as they build their kingdoms: Creating Goals and Budgets In this game you [...]

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Arthur Changes Gears. Do You Overvalue Your Material Possessions?


Imagine buying the newest cell phone but you are afraid to use it because you might crack the screen. Or maybe you got a new outfit but you're scared of getting it dirty so you never wear it. Although both situations are...understandable-they really don't make much sense do they? Arthur Changes Gears https://youtu.be/jg_lvpMQPmM What's the point of having a bike if you're not going to ride it In the episode above Arthur works hard to save money and purchase an awesome new bike. But how amazing is his bike if he never rides it? Thought Question We want to hear from [...]

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