Let’s be honest, traditional methods of learning can be pretty boring. Luckily, from the wonderful world of Disney, comes an exciting game that let’s your child build their own magical theme park. Featuring a slew of beloved characters Disney Magic Kingdoms is an excellent way to teach your child valuable financial and entrepreneurial lessons.

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Financial and Entrepreneurial Lessons

Although not branded as a financial game Disney Magic Kingdoms is a wonderful exploration of both financial and entrepreneurial applications.

Here are some lessons you can discuss with your children as they build their kingdoms:

Creating Goals and Budgets

In this game you use potions, gems, elixirs, and happiness to build and grow your kingdom. Encourage your children to create a spending plan or budget and think about the best strategy for growth so they don’t spend everything at one time.

Selecting Short and Long-term Investments

Building attractions gives you plenty of rewards but some are better than others. Help your child determine which quests and attractions are the most beneficial. (Hint: time is an important factor)

Considering Customer Service

As you build your theme park you will attract many visitors. Watch and see if your child stops to make them happy or ignores them to continue the quests?

Managing Employees

Inspire your child to be the BOSS as they send their favorite Disney characters to complete different activities, but be careful they can take hours to complete.

Building Happiness

Another valuable lesson Disney Magic Kingdoms provides is this idea of creating and maintaining happiness. Business owners are often time labeled as being mean, greedy, and selfish individuals like one of our favorite characters Scrooge McDuck.

But what if we could change that mindset. What if business owners built businesses that emphasized creating happiness?

That’s exactly one of the more important objectives in this game. When visitors attend the theme park your child will choose to either entertain them or ignore them. Use this as an opportunity to discuss important attributes of successful businesses and managers. 

Download Disney Magic Kingdoms App

Making learning fun is a challenge. Luckily, your child can have fun learning about finances through the Disney Magic Kingdoms game. Download the game today.

PS: Beware of in-app purchases.