About DCU

Remember growing up and teachers asking you: 

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

Oh I loved that question because I already knew the answer. “I want to be a doctor” I exclaimed. But truthfully that was only a portion of the answer. Honestly, I wanted to be a doctor and a lawyer…and an actor…oh also a basketball player.

What I didn’t know is that regardless of what career I chose I needed to be financially responsible.

My name is Godfrey (or as my students call me Coach G) and Dollars and Cents University was created to introduce students to various financial principles in a safe interactive educational environment at an early age.

So regardless of what children aspire to become they will be able to make intelligent financial decisions to help them reach their goals.

Developing Money Skills

Hands-on classroom activities allow students to apply and understand financial decisions.

Creating Better Futures

Learning to handle money early in life positively impacts future financial success.

Encouraging Atmosphere

Friendly financial coaches ensure a safe and fun learning environment for students.

Our story

In 2014 the financial education and services company Freedom Beyond Wealth was established to help adults with their financial conundrums. However, a light bulb went off and all of a sudden we thought…what if we could prevent these financial mishaps by educating people about money when they are kids.

After over a year of drafting and collaborations, Dollars & Cents University was officially launched in 2018. With extensive feedback from educators, entrepreneurs, financial institution workers, etc. we ensure a unique financial education system that effectively teaches children essential financial principles in a safe and easy-to-understand way.