Technological Revolution

Preparing children for their financial future means teaching them to embrace the ever expanding bridge between technology and finances.

There is no way to escape the massive internet revolution that is continuously evolving our interactions with one another. As technology improvements get better and become more convenient it’s becoming increasingly clearer that we should encourage our children to understand and properly use this growing resource.

Changing Financial Landscape

Let’s face it we are in a changing financial landscape in which real money is being replaced by digital currency. Instead of the traditional checkbook and the idea that “Cash is King” children are now growing up in a world of online banking, ATM, Apple Pay, Google Pay, In-app purchases, etc.

As the clip above stated children tend to treat digital money in a different manner than the world “real” tangible money. The problem that’s going to face the future generation is how to use the same diligence and money management skills of digital currency in the same way that previous generations handled real money.

DCU Difference

At Dollars & Cents University we do not shy away from this growing financial concern by incorporating technology into our lessons whenever appropriate such as:

  • Videos
  • Apps
  • Learning programs

Most of which can be rewatched or continued at home providing a continuous learning experience.

Our goal is to get children comfortable with money (in all of its various forms) as this bridge between technology and finance continues.