How Long is a Class/Workshop?

Each class meets once per week and runs approximately 60 minutes. Workshops vary from 6-10 weeks (6-10 classes) depending on topic.

What are the Class Sizes?

Class sizes are capped to a maximum of 20 students. Exceptions are given during community events.

How Much Do Classes Cost?

$20/per week for each child. For example a ten week workshop for one child would only cost $200

How Can I Enroll My Child?

Enrollment is easy. Simply select a class and register online or email us at

Is My Child Too Young to Learn about Money?

Not at all. We work diligently to simplify complicated financial topics into easy-to-understand bites similar to learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc.

PS: The earlier your child learns about money the more prepared they will be to handle their finances in the future.

I Give My Child an Allowance. Why Should I Enroll in a Class?

Allowances are a nice way to teach your child about money, but we have a question for you. Wouldn’t it better to teach your child how to handle money with fake money than real money? At Dollars & Cents University we have children track and manage fake money

What if we Miss a Class?

Although we believe every class is vital we do understand-life happens. If another class is available we will try to make arrangements for you to make-up the missed session.

Can I Pay Week to Week?

Unfortunately, we ask that full payment be made at the time of registration.

Can We Try Before Committing?

We regularly work with community organizations to host special events that mimic our classes. This allows both parents and children to get a feel for our core classes. To learn more about upcoming events check our our Events page.