Like an athlete running drills during practice to prepare for a game or a doctor working on a cadaver (could you imagine a surgeon practicing on real patients-yikes) before examining real patients; Dollars & Cents University is extremely excited to teach and improve children’s money management skills before they handle their real finances.

2 Fold Problem

The lack of money management skills children exhibit is a two-fold problem. The first being the general lack of knowledge as it pertains to understanding the basics of finances: budgeting, saving, tracking money, etc.

The second problem is the emotional lack of discipline and determining needs versus wants when yielding financial power.

Problem with Allowances

The solution parents are constantly advised is to give their children an allowance. Unfortunately, allowances have quite a few drawbacks as well.

The first is that children will make mistakes with real money.

The second is that children may learn an unintentional lesson about valuing money

DCU Difference

In every workshop students are given classroom currency this allows them to make financial mistakes in a controlled environment without losing money. Students are also given the opportunity to purchase goods developing their bargain finding skills.