In a previous article we discussed how the show Max and Ruby highlighted youth entrepreneurship. So, it should come as know surprise that there is an episode highlighting financial education.

In the episode, “Bunny Money”, Ruby and Max head out to the shopping district to purchase a gift for their grandma from Rosalinda’s Gift Shop. The gift Ruby has in mind is a music box that when opened shows dancing ballerinas. Unfortunately, a series of unexpected costs derails Ruby’s plans.

Watch the episode below:

Season 1 Episode 8 (Bunny Cakes, Bunny Party, & Bunny Money)

Here are some topics we like from this episode:

  • Importance of a Budget
    • Budgets (or spending plans) are an essential part of money management. Your budget allows you the specifically see and/or plan where your money is going. Although Ruby attempted to stick to her budget (which by the way needed some work) she was easily sidetracked by other expenses.
  • Getting Change & Using Math
    • (Spoiler Alert) When Ruby was down to her last five dollars she purchased an item that cost four dollars. Since this is the only part of the episode were Ruby and Max didn’t pay the exact amount, we want to highlight the importance of everyday math that used when handling money. Thankfully, $5-$4 is a simple subtraction problem however understanding math formulas is another essential skill needing when working with money.
  • Little Costs Add Up
    • Despite starting off with a wallet full of money, little costs continued to drain Ruby’s finances until she was out of money. Too often people don’t take into consideration how things such as eating out, traveling, etc. can dig into their finances. Luckily, most of these costs can be anticipated through a proper budget/spending plan.

Whether you watch the episode above or read the book, Bunny Money is a great way to learn and discuss important financial literacy topics.