Youth entrepreneurship is something we love supporting (check out our friends at Lemonade Day Washtenaw County) but did you know there are kid shows that show your child’s favorite characters as entrepreneurs? One such show is Max and Ruby.

Ruby’s Lemonade Stand

In the episode, “Ruby’s Lemonade Stand“, Ruby with the help of her best friend Louise want to raise money to help pay for their Bunny Scout trip to the zoo. Now, to accomplish this goal they decide to run a lemonade stand.

So, using grandma’s secret recipe Ruby makes a delicious pitcher of lemonade that she decides to sell for a nickel per cup. Not exactly the price point we recommend but you get the jest. We don’t want to ruin the episode for you but Ruby and Louise do manage to sell the entire pitcher of lemonade.

Here’s why we like this episode:

  • For Sale Only!
    • Despite Ruby’s younger brother Max desperately craving some delicious lemonade, Ruby insisted that the lemonade be reserved for paying customers only (well you know after a quick taste test to ensure quality).
  • Word of Mouth Marketing
    • Chances are you do not have a lot of money to spend on a marketing campaign for your lemonade stand. Here’s some marketing advice from the show. Ruby and Louise encouraged their customers to spread the word about their stand…and it definitely paid off.
  • Encouraged Max to Create a Business
    • One of the major highlights that we noticed in this episode was Ruby encouraging/suggesting that Max start his own business. If you recall, Max was anxious for some lemonade but he didn’t have any money (and sadly he wasn’t apart of the taste testing). Ruby suggested he start his on business to get the money. Which he did. We like this because individuals are so nervous to take the plunge in entrepreneurship so seeing Max inspired to run a business after seeing his older sister do it is a great message.

Ruby’s Rummage Sale

Another episode that highlights entrepreneurship is “Ruby’s Rummage Sale”. As a growing child you probably have toys you used to play with that are just sitting in your room or attic collecting dust. Well, that was the case with Ruby who once again solicited the help of her best friend Louise to help her sell her old toys to raise money for a Bunny Scout trip (wow, these Bunny Scouts go on a lot of trips!).

Despite Max insisting that they keep all of her toys, Ruby set up a table outside and sold her toys. (Once again we don’t want to ruin the episode for you).

Here’s why we like this episode:

  • Sell Items you Don’t use Anymore
    • Unless you are a passionate collector that plans to hold on to your toys for decades, you probably will end up selling your old toys. That’s great! A garage, yard, or rummage sale is an easy way for you to make some money while getting rid of your old stuff.
  • Prioritizing Inventory
    • To figure out which toys to sell, Louise suggested that Ruby create two piles-a “Keep It” pile and a “Sell It” pile. Being able to prioritize or rank items based on importance is a great skill every entrepreneur should have.
  • Setting Prices
    • As a customer was asking Ruby how much each item cost we noticed Ruby had different prices for different toys. Setting prices is a unique skill that many business owners struggle with. Too low and you could lose money. Too high and customers may not want to purchase your product. Yikes! Luckily, Ruby priced her item just right.

Building entrepreneurship and/or business skills as a child can dramatically change the trajectory of your life. Hopefully, by watching these episodes you will be inspired to start a business like Max and Ruby!

Max and Ruby also help with financial education and money management.