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Poor Muffy (Arthur Episode)

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Everyone grows up differently. Some people live in huge mansions-others live in apartments. Some people ride public transportation while others drive luxury cars. Regardless of how individuals live we should all treat each other with understanding and respect. No two people embody this mindset than Francine Frensky and her best friend Muffy Crosswire.

In the episode “Poor Muffy” (watch below) Muffy, after learning she’s allergic to the new carpet in her mansion, asks her parents if she could temporarily stay at her best friend’s apartment until the carpet is removed. However, she soon learns that life at the Frensky’s is a lot different than what she’s used to.

Poor Muffy

Thought Question

We want to hear from you. After watching the episode above was Muffy Crosswire’s behavior rude? Also, how would you have welcomed Muffy if she was your guest? And finally consider this, do you think money play an important role in your family’s lifestyle?

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