Spend Bill Gates Money


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a billion dollars-or better yet spend a billion dollars? Well, your wait is over! You have an amazing opportunity to spend Bill Gates money! That's right you get a shopping spree spending Bill Gates's money! Bill Gates, the genius behind Microsoft, has amassed an enormous amount of wealth becoming one of the richest people in the world. At the time of this post, he has a current estimated net worth of one hundred ten billion dollars or $110,000,000,000.00 according to businessinsider.com. Whew, that's a lot of money!...and you get to [...]

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Can Ms. Monopoly Highlight the Importance of Equal Pay?


Thanks to the efforts of those involved in the Civil Rights Movement and Women's Movement of the 1960s-70s plenty of economic opportunities have opened up for women to explore and thrive. Which is why there is no other time period in history where we have more college educated women and women in corporate leadership roles! Unfortunately, despite all of these efforts women (on average) still make less money than their male counterparts. #EqualPay If you followed this year's FIFA Women's World Cup Tournament then not only did you view some amazing soccer games but you probably also heard the player's chants [...]

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Disney Magic Kingdoms: Build Your Own Magical Park while Learning About Finances


Let's be honest, traditional methods of learning can be pretty boring. Luckily, from the wonderful world of Disney, comes an exciting game that let's your child build their own magical theme park. Featuring a slew of beloved characters Disney Magic Kingdoms is an excellent way to teach your child valuable financial and entrepreneurial lessons. Financial and Entrepreneurial Lessons Although not branded as a financial game Disney Magic Kingdoms is a wonderful exploration of both financial and entrepreneurial applications. Here are some lessons you can discuss with your children as they build their kingdoms: Creating Goals and Budgets In this game you [...]

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