Max and Ruby: Bunny Money


In a previous article we discussed how the show Max and Ruby highlighted youth entrepreneurship. So, it should come as know surprise that there is an episode highlighting financial education. In the episode, "Bunny Money", Ruby and Max head out to the shopping district to purchase a gift for their grandma from Rosalinda's Gift Shop. The gift Ruby has in mind is a music box that when opened shows dancing ballerinas. Unfortunately, a series of unexpected costs derails Ruby's plans. Watch the episode below: Season 1 Episode 8 (Bunny Cakes, Bunny Party, & Bunny Money) Here are some topics we [...]

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My Dad, the Garbage Man


Career Day was one of the best parts of school. Not only did the class get to learn about a variety of awesome jobs but we got to ask questions to actual local professionals. Although I've always enjoyed career days it never dawned on me that some of my classmates may have dreaded the idea of their parents sharing what they do for a Francine did. My Dad, the Garbage Man There's no doubt that Francine Frensky loves her dad. Unfortunately, after a conversation with her sister, she becomes a little embarrassed by his occupation. See how she copes with [...]

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