Developing Essential Teamwork Skills

In our desire to teach children skills that they will use throughout their lives, Dollars & Cents University is committed in teaching kids how to work with others as a team.

Teamwork is important not only in childhood, but it also plays a vital role in helping them succeed as adults.

Benefits of Teamwork

The benefits of team building that kids gain can have immediate results that will last them their entire lives. A few of those benefits are listed below:

  • Fostering Creativity and Learning
  • Building Trust
  • Blending Complementary Strengths
  • Promoting Wider Sense of Ownership
  • Teaching Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Encouraging Healthy Risk Taking

Why Teamwork is Needed

One of the biggest challenges many young people face when handling their finances is that they are encouraged or taught to do things their own or “figure it out themselves”.

But that’s not how life works!

Many financial decisions are made in group settings such as roommates splitting rent and utilities or couples purchasing a home or planning for retirement.

Unfortunately this “figure-it-out-yourself” mentality often leads young people into dire situations like getting taken advantage of at car dealerships or signing up for unfavorable credit cards.

Developing Teamwork Skills

At DCU our students are encouraged to work in teams to make financial decisions while completing group projects. For example, students in our Stock Investors courses (101 & 201) compete as fund managers to see which group can make the most money. This and other projects allow children to develop essential communication and social skills.